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Meet our BayWa r.e. Team in the Nordics

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Håkan Wallin

CEO/Managing Director

  • About Håkan

  • Håkan entered the renewable energy business in 2010 as CEO of HS Kraft AB, working with a number of organisations before joining BayWa r.e. in 2014. He has a MSc in electrical engineering from Lund University and a diverse managerial background across the property, IT and railway sectors.

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Maria Röske

CEO/Managing Director

  • About Maria

  • Maria Röske joined in early spring 2022. She holds a Master of law from Uppsala University and has 20 years of experience in the wind power business. Before joining she was the Managing Director of wpd Scandinavia, a company that works in all stages and aspects of planning, developing and constructing wind farms in Sweden.

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Business Analysis

Richard Sseruwagi

Business Analyst

  • About Richard

  • Richard joined BayWa r.e. in July 2020 as a business analyst. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Makerere University, and another in energy and environmental engineering/management from Flensburg University. Richard's experience covers everything from operations and maintenance to business advisory duties. At BayWa r.e., his role involves evaluating business cases for renewable energy projects and applications.

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Finance Team

Bo-Göran Hansen

Head of Finance

  • About Bo-Göran

  • Bo-Göran joined BayWa r.e. in 2021 as CFO for the Nordic group. He graduated from Kristianstad University with a degree in industrial economy before gaining extensive leadership experience from a number of international companies.

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Andreas Landen

Controller/Administrator Finance

  • About Andreas

  • Andreas joined BayWa r.e. in 2020 as a financial controller. He graduated from Lund University with a degree in business administration and a master's in management accounting. At BayWa r.e., Andreas is in charge of project controlling, reporting and budgeting.

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Josefine Månsson

Controller/Administrator Finance

  • About Josefine

  • Josefine joined BayWa r.e. in 2022 as a financial controller. She graduated from Kristianstad University with a master's in business administration, with a focus on auditing and controlling. At BayWa r.e., Josefine is in charge of project controlling, reporting and budgeting.

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Caroline Olausson

Project Controller

  • About Caroline

  • Caroline joined BayWa r.e. from E.ON in 2015 and now works as a controller. She graduated from Luleå University of Technology with a degree in business and economics, majoring in business administration. Her years of finance experience have seen her engaged in planning and forecasting, group reporting and construction project controlling. Currently, Caroline is also involved in the implementation of a new FiCo tool.

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Permit & Design Team

Rickard Sandberg

Team Leader Permit & Design

  • About Rickard

  • Rickard joined BayWa r.e. in 2021 as a team leader in permit and design. He holds a master's degree in civil engineering from Lund University. Rickard has worked with sustainability, permits, project management, permission and supervision in the infrastructure, energy and industrial sectors since 1988. At BayWa r.e., Rickard is responsible for the permit and design of wind and solar farms.

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Peter Vago

Property Development Manager

  • About Peter

  • Peter joined BayWa r.e. in 2018 as a property development manager. He holds an engineering degree in injection molding from Kristianstad University, with further academic experience in law and economics. He has worked in the wind power industry since 2006, at one point as assistant country manager for a big industry player. At Baywa r.e., his main tasks include pre-studies, landlease agreements, screenings and environmental impact assesments.

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EPC & Project Management Team

Thomas Hörberg

Head of EPC & Project Management

  • About Thomas

  • Thomas joined HS Kraft in 2006 (since 2014 a part of BayWa r.e.) and has held several positions within the company since then. He graduated from Lund University with a degree in engineering, majoring in physical planning and quality management systems. At BayWa r.e., Thomas is the head of the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and project management departments, as well as an SPV board member. 

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Benjamin Berg

Project Manager

  • About Benjamin

  • Benjamin has been project manager at BayWa r.e. Nordic since 2020. He holds an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris and an Master's from the Collège des Ingénieurs. He previously spent ten years working to develop new hydrogen and bio-LNG activities in the Nordics. At BayWa r.e., Benjamin manages wind and solar projects from inception to operation.

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Camila Gurmendi

Project Manager

  • About Camila

  • Camila joined BayWa r.e. in 2021 as a project manager for wind and solar projects. She graduated from the Technical Institute of Buenos Aires with a degree in chemical engineering. Her areas of focus included energy and environmental engineering, financing, and M&A for renewable energy projects. She is certified by the Project Management Institute and is board member of Argentina's Women's Association in Sustainable Energy. She has worked in the industry for three years, covering Latam and African markets. At BayWa, Camila drives the projects to reach operational stage on time, within budget and deliver value, and following project management methodology, best practices, and standards.

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Services Team

Christian Eriksson

Team Leader Operations & Services

  • About Christian

  • In 2008, Christian joined HS Kraft, which was later acquired by BayWa r.e. Before this, he worked in data communication for many years, first as a technician and later in project management and sales. He started out as a construction manager when he entered the wind power industry, responsible for wind farms in the south of Sweden. Since 2012, he is responsible for the asset management of all wind farms in the BayWa r.e. portfolio in Sweden.

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Jonas Mårtensson

Inspection & Operations Manager

  • About Jonas

  • Jonas joined BayWa r.e. in 2016 as an inspection and operation manager. He graduated with a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Lund. Since 2002, he has worked as a consultant in hydro and wind power, inspecting over 600 individual turbines in that time. At BayWa r.e., Jonas works as a technical operation manager, responsible for the asset management of several wind farms in Sweden.

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Nils Olsson

Technical Operations Engineer

  • About Nils

  • Nils joined BayWa r.e. in 2021 as a technical operations engineer. He graduated from Lund University with a degree in mechanical engineering, having focused on energy technologies during his master's. At BayWa r.e., Nils is in charge of daily operations coordination, production related calculations and customer reports.

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