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The Plant must be profitable

We offer our customers efficient management of wind power or photovoltaic installations for optimal returns

To overview

Our in-depth knowledge of the market helps projects grow

With BayWa r.e., you’ll have access to full-scale and skilled service in administration, finance, and law.

Our experts in commercial management help with administrative matters. They handle all communication with banks, regulators, stakeholders, and local authorities, as well as auditing, contracts, liquidity management, and more. We compile reports and provide you with all the information required for smooth and efficient plant operations.

We always strive to maximize the return on investment of a plant. Our technical experts constantly look for ways to increase the efficiency of a plant and suggest improvements. Our management team will optimise your funding terms and contracts, assist with contract negotiations, and advise on which service providers best meet your needs.

We keep up to date on everything related to company law, and we can help organize general meetings.

Your profitability – our focus

Our strong financial position and our broad network of contacts enable us to negotiate excellent terms for you with banks, insurance companies, and electricity suppliers.

Low operating costs give customers greater profits and better cash flow. We can also help reduce costs in other ways:

  • Cash flow management and business plan design
  • Optimization of operating costs, financing, and revenue
  • Reporting to investors and banks
  • Accounting and payment
  • Invoice review
  • Support for accountants and auditors in the compilation and audit of annual reports and ad-hoc inquiries
  • Electricity and rental income agreements
  • Issuing invoices and credit notes
  • Handling of insurance and claims
  • Control and implementation of disbursements
  • Fund management
  • Preparation and conduct of general meetings
  • Establishment of an official postal address for the project company (""domiciliation"")
  • Support for the company's management
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