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Working Together to Make the Most of Your Land

Whether you want to invest or you would just like a new income stream, we can help you produce green energy on your land

To overview

BayWa r.e. is always looking to secure new land leases, and places huge value on keeping healthy and prosperous relationships with its lessors. We also have a wealth of experience in re-powering projects – rejuvenating existing facilities to increase their profitability and yield.

BayWa r.e.’s greenfield team has more than a decade’s worth of knowledge in initial site assessment and wind resource evaluation. Furthermore, our company has the strong financial backing and a broad network necessary to ensure that your renewable energy project is a success. Our priority is to provide long-term and stable agreements with serious and dedicated investors, guaranteeing lessors safe investment options. We believe that a successfully commissioned project happens when every stakeholder comes together, from landowner to investor. The end goal being the best possible joint venture for each stakeholder involved.

When evaluating potential land leases, our team thoroughly assess their suitability based on technical, environmental and societal criteria, looking carefully at terrain, proximity to residences, wind regimes and accessibility to the site.

There is no requirement from the lessor to make an investment in the wind farm and the rent received is calculated as a percentage of the income of the wind farm.

Get in touch with us to discuss viable plots, potential land leases and repowering projects.

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