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The strong management and sustainable strategy behind the BayWa Group

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We are part of the BayWa Group, a family of globally successful businesses originally founded in 1923 that now boasts a turnover of €17.2 bn. The Group’s headquarters are in Munich, Germany.

BayWa AG specialises in products and services relating to renewable energy in the agriculture and building materials sectors, while BayWa r.e. handles the energy sector.

Throughout its 90-year history, the BayWa group has supplied countless market-leading energy solutions and helped overcome some of the greatest challenges of our age.

BayWa stands for expertise and a new way of thinking.

BayWa r.e. handles the energy side of BayWa AG’s business, conducting all operations relating to renewable energy.

As a close-knit group of businesses working across complimentary markets, we are able to draw on immense global experience and knowledge. We also regularly work together on projects, thus generating extra benefits for our customers and partners.

BayWa has had a long and successful history, and the future looks even brighter. Our belief in our watchwords – trust, loyalty and innovation – is just as strong today as it was when we first started out.

BayWa Company Facts

FoundedJanuary 1923
EmployeesApproximately 19,000 (March 2020)
Turnover17.2 billion Euros (2020)
OfficesMore than 3,000 offices in more than 40 countries
Areas of activityAgriculture, energy and building materials
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