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Wind farm inspection

We use third-party surveyors to ensure that your investments offer lasting performance.

BayWa r.e. has many years of experience and in-depth knowledge when it comes to inspecting wind turbines. We have inspected a total of over 500 wind turbines, including most of the brands available on the market today. During the inspection, an electrical engineer and a mechanical engineer will conduct a thorough and unbiased joint survey of the wind power facility.

Here are some examples of the types of inspection we offer:

Final inspectionensuring that the facility fulfils the status agreed in the contract of sale.
Warranty inspectionconducted during the warranty period to detect faults that could lead to warranty claims. Of course, our aim is always to reduce our customers’ costs.
Status inspectionconducted in situations such as change of ownership, at the request of an insurance company or in conjunction with changes to the service agreement.
Jonas MĂĄrtensson
Technical Consulting
BayWa r.e. Scandinavia AB
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