offers fast and simple photovoltaic system design in accordance with European standards.

To overview

Solar-Planit – A free planning tool

We offer you our free project design tool, Solar-Planit. This is a web-based software program that enables you to design and dimension mounting systems quickly and accurately in accordance with European standards.

Solar-Planit offers you a simple way of making calculations for the mounting system, inverter and modules you want to use in your photovoltaic system.

Need a quick result?

Simply enter your parameters into the program, and Solar-Planit will put together a list of all the necessary components.

The program will always give you a quick result, even if you need a custom system design for the modules you have selected, or an optimised combination of inverters.

Choose bespoke solutions

Solar-Planit is both easy to use and flexible, giving you exactly the solution you need.

Need we say more?

Henrik Borreby
Solar Distribution
BayWa r.e. Solar Systems Danmark
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