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A Complete Service for Installers and Renewables Companies

Forming strong and lasting relationships with our customers underpins everything we do.

To overview

Customer Service

We aim to provide our customers with a world class service. Our sales team at BayWa r.e. Nordic & Baltic gives every customer a caring and individualised service. We build lasting relationships with our customers.

We are here to support you in technical matters such as system design and component selection. We also offer installation support for our mounting system, novotegra. 

Our Extensive Product Portfolio at your Use

Our comprehensive product portfolio covers everything you need for your photovoltaic system, from modules and inverters to battery systems and electrical accessories. We also supply our innovative novotegra mounting system. We are your one-stop shop for high quality PV components and we deliver throughout Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Find your preferred solar components in our Webshop.

Our brands

Commercial power storage systems  

BayWa r.e. also specialises in power storage systems for large-scale and commercial use. Independent self generation and intelligent use of energy, leads to reduced electricity costs – and that has a positive impact on business results. Peak shaving also helps to reduce grid charges and energy costs. 

What can a commercial storage battery do? Possible applications at a glance 

The following system technologies can be implemented with a commercial storage battery: 

For all companies with solar-generated over-production and energy consumption in the evening and at night:

  • Maximises energy generation and self-reliance 
  • Minimises energy costs and CO2 emissions 
  • The self-generated power plant can be converted without any recovery from the grid 
  • The use of self-generated power and UPS protection can be combined effectively 

For all properties, commercial facilities, data centres, hotels, hospitals etc. that are off the grid: 

  • Development of island grids with UPS protection with high voltage quality and an extensive performance range 
  • Can be combined with diesel generators with minimised diesel running time 

For all companies with a consumption in excess of 100,000 kWh per year and short term peaks in demand through the deployment of pumps and motors, for example: 

  • Reduces peaks in demand and minimises grid charges, energy costs and CO2 emissions 
  • Relieves pressure on the grid 
  • Peak shaving in real time is possible with UPS 

For all companies with sensitive production processes or processes that are delicate and require protection, such as agriculture with animal husbandry: 

  • Safeguards production capital and voltage supply at times of grid failure with good voltage quality 
  • UPS protection and prevention against brief interruptions 
  • Can be used with real-time peak shaving and self-generated power 

Find your client´s power storage system for industry and commerce in our Webshop.

Get in touch with us by finding your direct contact person or send us a request through our contact form.

Energy storage for domestic use 

Energy self-consumption and self-reliance are becoming increasingly important to owners of photovoltaic systems and home owners who are interested in this technology. Reliable electricity storage systems are essential, allowing users to store the energy they have generated with their solar modules for use at a later date. Our experts are here to help you choose the right solution for your client’s needs. 

Find your client´s energy storage system in our Webshop.

What are the benefits of residential power storage systems? 

  • For customers aiming for self-reliance, power storage systems that can be incorporated into their photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly important 
  • Flexibility thanks to power storage systems with modular expansion 
  • Our carefully selected power storage systems are subjected to a range of exacting, certified tests 
  • Modern power storage systems are easy to install and have been proven technically reliable 
  • Power storage systems are becoming more and more compact, and are available with high-class aesthetics 
  • The right solutions for owners of electric cars, including those with wall boxes 
  • Easy-to-integrate cloud solutions becoming increasingly widespread 

Our suppliers

eMobility solutions for your customers  

Many drivers are still holding back on buying an electric car because they think there aren’t enough charging stations. According to the forecasts, however, by the end of the decade there will be twice as many electric cars per charging station as there are now. This represents a great opportunity for the solar power industry.  

Charging stations and wall boxes can act as a guarantee of self-reliance, especially in the private sector. An electric car can only have a positive impact on our environment if it is charged using renewable energy – preferably electricity generated by the owner’s own roof.

Find your client´s eMobility system in our Webshop

The benefits of combining a photovoltaic system with an electric car charging station: 

Cross-sector symbiosis 

Combining heat, mobility and electricity is a guarantee of affordable, simple and convenient energy solutions.


Incorporating an electric car charging station is the perfect way for drivers to increase their power independence. Using your own electricity doesn’t just feel great – it also means you can reduce your electricity bills or even wipe them out completely.  


Providing facilities for charging electric cars makes businesses more attractive to potential customers and employees.


Our partners

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