Your plant in good hands

We guarantee high efficiency and availability – the most important conditions for high returns.

Comprehensive service from A to Z: Our responsibility goes far beyond implementing turnkey wind farms. Take advantage of our comprehensive package of services to minimise downtime and sustainably increase yields.

Our technicians and specialists manage the daily operation of systems with a total capacity of 880 MW in the wind energy sector. This saves the wind park owners a great deal of effort – and also provides them with valuable help to secure yields and exploit their systems' potential to the full.


Technical operations management

With our specialist expertise, advanced monitoring solutions and close collaboration between project management and field service teams, we ensure that the investment in a wind power project provides sustainable and reliable returns.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Procurement of service provider, road maintenance, crop clearing, etc.
  • Technical experts in all relevant fields
  • Contact with suppliers to ensure maintenance and service
  • Proactive tracking of all open issues
  • Centralised monitoring with 24-hour availability
  • Independent verificiations of performed maintenance and service
  • In-house staff on site
  • Monitoring of warranty and availability issues
  • All the necessary reporting to authorities
  • Regular contacts with neighbors and other stakeholders
  • Christian Eriksson

    Christian Eriksson

    Operations Manager

    BayWa r.e. Scandinavia

    T: +46 40 694 19 64

Control room at the core

Our control room monitors systems throughout Europe. Operation in three shifts ensures availability around the clock. This makes it possible to detect faults early and plan operations accordingly. Our multilingual staff ensure smooth communications with the regional service teams.


Commercial management

Our commercial experts are highly skilled and experienced, so they can help you achieve the highest possible security and take advantage of the specific opportunities available.

We provide support in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Accounting and payments
  • Financial statements and tax
  • Contract management (insurance, maintenance, support
    mechanisms, leasing, etc.)
  • Business plans, liquidity analysis, reporting to banks
  • Documentation and feasibility studies
  • Warranties, guarantees and insurance claims
  • All the necessary reporting to authorities
  • Regular contacts with neighbors and other stakeholders
  • Stefan Ottosson

    Stefan Ottosson

    Finance Manager

    BayWa r.e. Scandinavia

    T: +46 40 694 19 79