• Straightforward assembly and installation
  • Designed for a detached or two-family house
  • Exceptional performance
  • On-site consumption of solar power is effectively increased
  • Available in two cylinder sizes
  • Quiet operation
  • Variable control up to 55 °C or 65 °C
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect in conjunction with a PV system
  • Electric heater rod for emergency operation and quick reheating
  • WWK 300: Can be used in the intelligent energy management system from SMA featuring the Sunny Home Manager

DHW heat pumps from Stiebel Eltron ensure a straightforward and reliable supply of hot water, especially when used in conjunction with a PV system. These provide excellent performance figures and so increase own use of generated solar energy effectively.
The WWK 300 is continuously variable up to 55°C and can be used with the Sunny Home Manager for maximum use of your own photovoltaic energy.
All WWK electronic variants offer an impressive high maximum set temperature of 65°C, an LCD display and an integral sensor for extremely precise measurement and display of the amount of hot water in the tank.
The WWK electronic heat pumps are available in a 300 litre version (ideal for family homes) and a 220 litre version (ideal for storage spaces with a low ceiling height).
The WWK 300 electronic SOL can enable heating of drinking water in  addition to the heat pump, thanks to an integrated additional heat exchanger. Depending on the inverter, the WWK electronic devices are integrated into the overall system in the versions 1 and 2 shown on the previous page.


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