Corrugated and sandwich roof | clamping system novotegra side-fix


  • Base plate height-adjustable on the
    stock screw
  • N-rail to base plate clip-in installation
  • For wooden and steel purlins
  • Quick and efficient mounting
  • High-quality production and proven
    clamping technology
  • Installation-friendly clamps with
    a click-in mechanism
  • Only two clamps for all frame heights
  • Also suitable for trapezoidal roofs
  • Excellent rear ventilation of the module
  • Simple, Eurocode-compliant layout with
    our Solar-Planit online tool


Our mounting system with stock screws is installed on sandwich and corrugated roofs. The stock screw provides a high degree of fl exibility: It is available in various diameters for diverse construction heights, insulation thicknesses and wooden and steel purlins. The rails are mounted using a simple click-in method from the side. Together with the reliable module clamping technology, this is a very secure and stable attachment for photovoltaic installations which has proven itself over years of use.
With novotegra, you can achieve the perfect system layout – for every single requirement of sandwich and corrugated roofs. With the clamping technology, the modules can be installed either vertically or horizontally, and the substructure can be installed on a single rail or in a cross-rail connection. The rails are available for various spans. They can be extended using plug-in connectors – even overhangs are possible.
With its click-in mechanism, the clamping system comes with an extremely comfortable and secure mounting technology for attaching modules to the grooved guide-rails. Using only two different clamping types, available in either blank aluminium or black, you can attach all frame heights.
Our mounting system will win you over with its top-grade production quality; our components are made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials.

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