Tile roof | clamping system novotegra top-fix


  • Secure, stable and durable
  • Three-way adjustable roof hooks
  • The C-rail also acts as a cable channel
  • Double roof hooks for heavy snow loads
  • High-quality production and proven clamping technology
  • Only three clamps for all frame heights
  • For all conventional tiles and minimal tile adjustment
  • Excellent rear ventilation of the module
  • Simple, Eurocode-compliant layout with our Solar-Planit online tool


Our roof hook sets from the novotegra family are ideal for roof attachment when mounting modules on tile roofs. The various sets consist of a base profile and a bracket which is screwed into the base profile. Because they are three-way adjustable, the roof hook sets are perfectly adaptable to any tile roof. This way you can always achieve a homogenous module field, even on
uneven roofs. Whether you choose a large base profi le with a second bracket for heavy snow loads or the flex roof hook set for light loads − we always have a simple, stable and flexible solution for your tile roof.
C-rails are always mounted using the same principle: The classic screw connection with a locking nut ensures a quick, strong and permanently reliable connection for both single-rail and cross-rail connections. At the same time, the interior of the rail acts as a cable channel with enough room for cables and plugs.
All end and middle clamps are pre-assembled and also available in a black anodised variant. Be it modules installed in portrait or landscape or a singlerail or cross-rail system, thanks to reliable clamping technology, modules can be attached to C-rails quickly and securely. The end clamps close the module field flush to the C-rails, making the substructure nearly invisible – for visually perfect installations.


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