• Accumulator capacity can be increased from 2 kWh to up to 6 kWh
  • High efficiency level of over 97 percent
  • Two fast MPP trackers
  • Communication via WiFi connection and app
  • Four load management outputs and an AC auxiliary voltage output
  • Long service life of 10 years


With the new REACT-3.6/4.6-TL, ABB combines an inverter and accumulator in one product. It features an integrated 2 kWh battery and so part of the energy not used during the day can be stored and then consumed in the evening.
Expansion to up to three battery modules also provides an accumulator capacity of up to 6 kWh. The single-phase inverter provides power of 3.6 kW or 4.6 kW and its high level of efficiency and broad input voltage range provide optimum energy generation. And this is for the long term – thanks to the lithiumion technology, the REACT is designed for a service life of ten years.


To make the best use of self-generated solar power, the REACT features an integrated WiFi connection and an app for smartphones and tablets, meaning that the unit can even be monitored and managed when you are out and about. It also contains four digital outputs controlled via the load management and an AC auxiliary output for grid-independent operation in the event of a power failure. All of these advantages make the new REACT from ABB perfect for increasing your own use of generated energy and making optimum use of solar power.

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