VARTA element | VARTA home & family


  • High quality and „Made in Germany“
  • Flexible sizes for every application
  • AC system: easy installation, easy retrofitting
  • Combinable with heat pumps, CHP and docking station
  • VARTA element: upgradeable from 3 & 6 to 9 kWh
  • VARTA home and VARTA family: modular design expandable at any time
  • All VARTA storage systems are now also cascadable with up to five identical products


VARTA storage systems combine top „Made in Germany“ quality with outstanding technical performance. With the three VARTA element, home and family storage systems, we can offer you a wide product selection from VARTA for every private household need. All of these lithium ion storage units are AC-coupled, three phase and therefore easy to integrate, even in existing photovoltaic systems.
The entry level product with an excellent price-performance ratio is the VARTA element: It is available with a capacity of 3, 6 or 9 kWh. The larger storage systems VARTA home and family are – this is unique on the market – designed according to a modular principle and work with battery modules. This way VARTA home with a capacity of 2.8 to 6.9 kWh and the large VARTA family with a capacity of 3.7 to 13.8 kWh can be precisely adapted to individual demand. An upgrade can be made at any time: Individual battery modules can simply be added later on as required.
All three storage systems can be controlled and monitored using a smartphone , tablet or PC and are very durable thanks to maintenance free lithium ion technology. This is confirmed by the VARTA family with an expected service life of up to 14,000 cycles and up to 20 years according to the manufacturer.

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