Responsibility inwards and outwards

Trust, reliability and innovation: These are BayWa's most dearly held values and they provide the company with its strong sense of social responsibility. Founded as a cooperative in 1923, the company's main aim from its very inception was to meet fundamental human needs.

Sustainability is of paramount importance to our parent company BayWa AG. To find out more:
BayWa sustainability

Code of Conduct

At BayWa r.e. we consider social responsibility to be of great importance - both at local and global levels. Therefore, it is natural for us to be connected to the code of conduct that our trade association Svensk Vindenergi has developed for the Swedish wind power industry. To find out more about the Code of Conduct please visit the Svensk Vindenergi's website.

Trade associations

We strive to be a part of the bigger picture and to be involved in the development on a societal level. We are therefore members of the following professional associations:

Svensk Vindenergi

Skånes Vindkraftsakademi

SolarPower Europe

The Finnish Wind Power Association

BayWa Foundation

A better future for the disadvantaged

The BayWa Foundation was founded in 1998. It initiates and supports sustainable educational projects around Nutrition and Renewables.

In all projects, support for educational initiatives is always at the forefront of our endeavours. We believe that the only way to enable people to help themselves in the long term, and to give the disadvantaged futureproof development opportunities, is through education.

What is so special about the BayWa Foundation?

  • All donations flow directly into projects, as BayWa AG covers all administration costs of the Foundation.
  • The BayWa AG matches all donations that flow into the BayWa Foundation.